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About Us

Convergent Manufacturing Technologies - US
is a representative of Convergent Manufacturing Technologies' suite of process modelling software, including COMPRO and RAVEN, and their manufacturing aids including the COHO Gas Flow and Leak Detection System.

Our goal is to reduce our customers' costs and time associated with the design and manufacturing of composite parts and tooling. Convergent's physics-based advanced process simulation tools and workflow optimized applications provide insight and guidance to achieving efficient composites processing in challenging manufacturing environments.

Products and Services

  • Reseller of Convergent Manufacturing Technologies software and hardware products
  • Maintenance and support for Convergent software and hardware products
  • Customer application support for part, tool, and process design
  • Thermomechanical materials characterization
  • Customer-specific process modelling and simulation
  • Custom Convergent product module development
  • Consulting services for composite manufacturing
  • Composite manufacturing and equipment research and development